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Niamh and Matthew












We are two teachers who are travelling around the world by bike. Along the way, we are collecting stories from children in different countries and visiting schools to teach students about global citizenship.

Teddy's Story

Niamh brought Teddy from Ireland when she started teaching internationally for the first time. During sharing time every morning, her students would hold Teddy when it was their turn to speak. Some would cuddle him as they spoke, some used him as a stress ball when nervous and others turned him into a stunt bear for their stories. 

Teddy has heard stories about weekend restaurant trips, birthday parties, summer holiday swimming pools, books read, crafts made, facts learned and problems solved.

Teddy holds 100s of stories from over 90 students from over 30 countries from 2 international schools in West Africa and Central Asia.

Now he continues his journey of collecting these special tales while we cycle our way around the globe.

Ted Web

Ted Web is a growing collection of stories from both children we meet on our travels and schools who upload to our website. Students also have the chance to ask and answer questions about life in different countries. We hope that while exploring Ted Web, students will enjoy stories from other children while learning about their cultures and countries.

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