Put Your Story on the Map!


Story Ideas:

We are looking for all kinds of stories so that students can find connections as well as comparisons between their stories and those of children all around the world. These can everything from be epic adventure fantasies to short recounts of what happened at the weekend.

A few ideas to write about:

  • What I Did Last Weekend

  • My Summer Holiday

  • My First Day of School

  • When I Grow Up

  • A Folktale From My Country

  • A Funny Moment at School

  • A Funny Moment at Home

  • A Funny Moment in My Village

  • The Best Meal I Ever Ate

  • Fairytale

  • Adventure Story

  • My Friends

  • Going Shopping

  • My Pet

These are just a few of the infinite story possibilities. Feel free to come up with your own!

Write, Type or Video?

Choose 1 from below:

  1. Write your story on paper and take a clear photograph to upload.

  2. Type your story and upload the document.

  3. Video yourself telling your story and upload the file. Videos should be less than 3 minutes long.

Draw a Picture

Upload one of the following:

  • Drawing that illustrates your story.


  • Drawing of landscape, landmark or everyday life in your country.

Write a caption for your picture e.g. This is the beach near my house.

Upload scan or photograph of drawing.

Photo or Self Portrait

Upload either a photo or a self-portrait

Photo guidelines:

  • Clear photo of student.

  • Face or whole body

  • Traditional or everyday clothing

Self-portrait guidelines:

  • Drawing or painting

  • Face or whole body

  • Traditional or everyday clothing

  • Upload scan or photograph of self-portrait

Picture of Your Teddy Bear

Choose one option:

  • Photo of teddy bear

  • Drawing of teddy bear

  • Drawing of teddy bear with our Touring Teddy

Upload scan or photograph.


Fill in all required fields in the upload form.

Attach all required files.


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