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Our Final Night in Italy- 600km and Feeling Strong. Just As Well Because the Mountains are Looming L

We finally got around to using the camping equipment, which we have been lugging across the country, last night. A coolish 55km east along the coast from Venice to Caorle was the perfect chance. Not sure that it truly is a two person tent, but we managed some sleep and got an early start this morning. Feeling strong and positive, we bashed out 90km, arriving in a town called Monfalcone near Trieste and the Slovenian border.

Reflecting on the 11 days we have spent in Italy, here are a few things that gave us a boost and a few things that got on our wicks a bit:


1. Lying signposts. Distance measures that lead you into a false sense of security, then 5kms later have increased.

2. Bike paths that are worse than the road option.

3. Mosquitoes that even bother two people who have lived in Africa.

4. Gravel paths and Sally our sat nav's penchant for them.

5. Missed sun cream areas.

6. Headwinds.


1. Refer to mini gripes number 1 but before the disappointment.

2. Five euro Gnocchi dishes.

3. 70cent glasses of wine.

4. Ordering drinks and getting a plethora of snacks for no apparent reason.

5. Accommodation booking apps. Sitting down for lunch on free wifi, choosing and booking where we'd stay instantly.

6. Bike shops everywhere, cheap and helpful.

7. Tailwinds that make you feel like a superhero.


1. The town of Cremona. Beautiful and happy.

2. The canal cycle path from Milan to Pavia.

3. Catching up with friends in Venice.

4. Verdi's Aida in Arena Verona.

5. The warm feeling of making progress with this challenge.

6. Genuinely happy and nice people.

Link to interactive route map for here.

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