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June 23, 2016

 The quiet highway west out of Baku city. First hills in the distance.

 The first decent climb after a few months off of the saddle.

 The 'badlands' turned more fertile

 Moody rock formations

 The start of day two, and a nice view of the distant high Caucasus.

 The mountain and river side village of Lahic.


 Melting snow means silt filled rivers as this time of year.

 A speedy decent on the other side of the valley, and then a climb to here.


 Getting closer, but never having to climb then. I followed the edge of the mountains for a few days.

 Lovely place to ride, cool and quiet.


 Calm in Azerbaijan.

 The resort and our home for the night,  in Kis

 A nice place to unwind.

 Not sure why I am a so serious in photos- must be an effect of living in Central Asia.



 Caravansary in Sheki 

 Typical Azeri village street


 Private dining 

 A the gear, no idea.

 My support leaves to head back to Baku, before flying to Tbilisi.


 Family outing across the border to Lagodekhi, Georgia

 The 'Nye-iz-nia' center. The lady had no idea what Tourist Information was. Nor did she know the 'free Wi-fi' code I badly needed.

 So, none the wiser, I pushed onto Tbilisi making this last day over 120km.

 Mountain top village of Sighnaghi

 More Sighnaghi

 And one more. It was nice here.


 A monastery

 View from our hotel balcony in Tbilisi

 Strange clock near a Theatre

 View of Tbilisi from the top of the funicular

 Wine cellar tasting session, during which we had the whole bottle.

 Whoops. Pheasant's Tears. A very nice drop

Link to interactive route map for here.




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sharing is caring 

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