Turkey is Big

July 19, 2016

Link to interactive route map for Turkey here.


It is also a very confusing country full of contradiction. It is thoroughly beautiful, though abused. It can be rather hot, but bitterly cold storms occur in July. The people are some of the kindest I have ever met. Turkey offers many surprises to the cycle tourist.


Just in case anyone was wondering- I am safe. Relaxing near Antalya after a real slog through the centre of the country. Pausing to make sure that things have truly settled politically.  I have noticed and felt an ambiance of celebration and pride since the failed coup attempt of only a few days ago. It certainly is an interesting time to be here. 


Over these last 11 days I've managed to cycle through some wonderful alpine valleys, dreamlike fairy chimney rock towns of Cappadocia, barren desert plains, vast mountain ranges, and seaside towns full of Greek ruins.


Here is a summary of the route since I last posted from Tercan. Total distance covered since Baku 2688km. As before; images of each daily route can be seen underneath.


DAY 15- Tercan to Erzincan


DAY 16- Erzincan to Refahiye


DAY 17- Refahiye to Zara


DAY 18- Zara to Sivas


DAY 19- Sivas to Gemerek


DAY 20- Gemerek to Goreme


DAY 21- Goreme to Aksaray


DAY 22- Aksaray to Konya


DAY 23- Konya to Seydesehir


DAY 24- Seydesehir to Side


DAY 25- Side to Antalya

















Link to interactive route map for Turkey here.


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