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Photo Diary- Turkey


Turkey's number 1 ski resort apparently

Fun little town with a weird guesthouse. The caravanserai in Tercan.

Cycling south-west in the morning

The 6th summit of over 2000m

And then the 7th

Dull. No turn for 50km.

Random act of kindness- tea and pizza for free

What a guy!

West towards Cappadocia- 159km that day

Melting roads = havoc for tyres and guards


Absolutely nothing apart from me and my bike for 100km

Nothing- but I like it. It felt and smelled like a sauna.

Whirling dervishes

A long one- 40km of steady up

Made it to the sea just before dark

Off to Antalya

Ancient city of Olympus

A waste of time hiking to the Eternal Flames of Chimeara

This, yes this, is supposed to be where the idea of the olympic torch came from

A long, hot climb- charity logo shot

A lovely ride along the coast

Big sea turtles

Tombs- now in the sea

Link to interactive route map for Turkey here.

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